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Ok, Besides tying with the wrong hand I have the following idiosyncracies. 4 copies of a fly at a time min, 8 max. Barbs bent down and beads added before tying the first fly, and hooks held on a magnet on the pedestal base. Materials arranged clockwise in a semicircle around the vise in the order they will be used. Deer hair flys tied in 3 parts, all bodies spin all hair, then trim all.

Flytyer, thanks for the response. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who has 3 bodkins. I'll have to find a pair of scissors that feel comfortable on the hand.

Fred 'Ill bet all the tools with the vise excepted don't add up to one spey rod.

Sean, the fly was meant to be a bugger, but looks more like a hackle fly. I had problems in 3 things, the dubbing kept unwinding, I put too much hackle on, and the whip finish took a couple of trys.
John Desjardins
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