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And the worse part is, I could use another 3 S&M and 6 more Griffin Ceramic bobbins.

And I didn't list the other tying tools I can't seem to get along without. Like the 3 different sized bodkins, 2 different sized Materelli whip finishers, a hair stacker made by a machinist friend that stacks 7 bunches of hair at one time, 3 different types of scissors that are used for different things when tying, 4 different types of cement used for locking in different types of materials, 2 different material combs, 2 different tweezers, 4 different hackle pliers (although I use the rotating one the most), 3 different bullet head tools, 2 different hair packers, and 3 different dubbing twisters.

Keep in mind that I have been a pro tyer for 20 years (and tying for 41 years) and every tool I have makes tying easier, makes the flies more consistent, or ensures they are of high quality. I am very particular about the tying tools I use and I have disgarded many (either threw them away or gave them away to some unsuspecting person who thought he had to have it) tying tools that don't help in the tying of quality flies (this inclused tying vises).

The only reason I don't have more rods (I have4 single-hand and 3 two-hand), is the cost of raising kids who like to fish and buying them decent equipment. Between my wife and 2 boys there are another 13 rods.
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