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I tie not less than a half dozen of any given pattern and size. I can't stand to tie on a non-rotary vise. I never tie a whip finish without the use of a Materelli whip finisher. I hold my scissors in my hand at all time by placing a finger loop over my ring finger so that I don't have to pick up scissors everytime I need to cut something. I pre-size a whole dry fly neck or saddle and put the sized hackles in marked zip-lock bags to improve tying efficiency fly consistency. I split my tying thread with a bodkin instead of making a dubbing loop. I use S&M bobbins for my 6/0 and 8/0 thread and Griffin Ceramics for larger threads, flat waxed nylon, and UNI-Stretch. Lastly, I have 22 bobbins loaded with different colors of 6/0 or 8/0 thread and 14 ceramic bobbins loaded with different colors of 3/0 thread, flat waxed nylon, and UNI-Stretch.
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