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Glad to hear you found the Ally's Shrimp to be as good as I told you it is. And as you also know, it can be tied huge (#2/0 or larger) for big winter water, small (10 or less) for low summer/fall water, or in between for the rest of the year and it is still effective.

Very nice job of tying it by the way. And as I told you I like the way it sinks compared to the G.P. and it swims and fishes better in the faster water at the head and tail of a run or hole than the G.P. It also takes less time to tie than a properly dressed G.P.

The Blue and Purple with the aqua UNI-Stretch and the pearl mylar braided rear body you posted earlier would be dynamite tied as an Ally's Shrimp. Use pearl oval or flat mylar for the tag, purple deer tail and purple Krystal Flash for the tail, aqua UNI-Stretch for the rear body and black floss for the front body, rib with either oval pearl mylar or oval siver tinses. Blue dyed squirrel tail for the body veilings (what some people call the under wing). Purple dyed G.P. tippets, a purple hackle collar and a blue thread head.

If you want more flash in it, use blue deer tail with light blue Krystal Flash for the tail, eliminate the aqua UNI-Stretch and use pearl flat or braided mylar for the rear body. Remember the Ally's Shrimp is both a pattern and a style of fly, so the colors can be changed to whatever strikes your fancy. Just call it a _____ Ally's Shrimmp.
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