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Exuma Lunar Eclipse & sub tropical depression

Well, lets get the depresison bit out of the way first. I went to Exuma and didn't get a bonefish

To be fair, we didn't look too hard and I didn't hire a guide this time but relied on a bit of local knowledge from previous trips which turned out to be totally inadequate.

A combination of low pressure sytems and exceptionally high tides which actually never went all the way out, conspied to put albula vulpes into locations known only to the better guides on the Island. I chatted to Bob Hyde down at Peace and Plenty and he reported that guides were generally having to work a lot harder than normal finding fish for their clients and generally not in the usual places.

I probably spotted one small school of bones which were up and away long before we got into effective range. There was very little of anything on the flats in fact. Even the sharks and ever present barracuda (apart from one monster which I let pass unmolested) were conspicuously absent. The big 'cuda snuck up from behind. Fortunately my buddy Norman was able to alert me -" ..coming right at you (out of the sun of course) - 10 feet - 8 feet - 6 feet - four fff...holy shi....." The great fish was probably close to 60 inches and slid quietly past me a rods length away. I was just over thigh deep at the time and tempting as it was, I decided not to tempt providence with a cast. If I had been in a boat, I would have had no hesitation, but tangling with "class" toothy critters in their own environment seems about as dumb as a Yankee fan mouthing off at Fenway on a Friday night.

We made an offshore trip and trolled the 200ft drop-off which the previous week had given up Wahoo, Yellowfin big Jacks and a good sized Marlin. Our trip managed only a handfull of Barracuda.

High spot was observing a near total lunar eclipse one evening. Maybe that had something to do with the lack of action. Exuma is still a fabulous destination and as the Governator said, "I'll be back"
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