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I really like my spinning block. However, I admire the guys committed to doing it with devices of their own making. I kind of look at it like this, I wouldn't try to do a brake job with just a pair of vise grips. I always make sure I have the right sockets, torx, wrenches, compressors, etc.

This block is set with a hook on a weighted, ball bearing spinner. One flip of the finger and you have a dubbing rope in seconds that wont come apart. I'm having so much fun with it, I just spin stuff up and stick it in a zip lock baggy for later. I'll bet I can turn out five dubbing brushes in the time it takes me to split 6/0 thread and dub the shank of a hook and I've been tying since I was a kid in 1968.

Anyway, if Ted's sells out then everyone will have to make one or stick to the tried and true method splitting thread or dubbing loops.

I am still wondering about my original question. What else can one spin into a dubbing rope? What feathers work best? Half inch lengths of flashabou sucks, but gliss and glo works great. Any other ideas?

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