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The key to tying a good ostrich chenile is making sure you twist it sufficienty so that the ostrich fibers stand up at right angles to the oval tinsel. You'll know when it is right because it will look just like chenile. And when it looks like chenile, it doesn't have to be wrapped over itself to get the bulk (actually illusion of bulk, as Alec would say) needed. I've seen Alec tie it with dyed guinea for a face hackle, although he rarely ties it that way.


Tying one with guinea (dyed or natural) between the body segments instead of hackle would work just fine. Remember that Alec simply took the old Atlantic Salmon grub style of the 1800's (also known as the classic era of salmon flies) and tied it in modern steelhead colors with ostrich chenile instead of dubbing or regular chenile as the body. Alec will tell you this if you ask him where he got his insiration for the Sauk River Grub.
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