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I also made one but this turbo block looks nice. I do use the split thread technique whenever I can but also like to use brushes.

I was reading Dick Van Demark's book "Steelhead Fly Fishing in Low Water" and he details a spinning block in this book. Pretty easy to do and works great. The book also contains quite a few interesting dubbing blends. After reading it I am never going to use unblended dubbing again.

All you need is a 2X4 and 4 eye hooks. Here is the sequence I just threw together to get the idea across.

Here is some pictures of the block:

Place 4 eye hooks like shown and cut nothces in the side and bottom of the block. In the notches make sure to slice into them with a razor blade. This helps keep whatever material you are using for a dubbing loop locked in:

Take you dubbing loop material and knot it to form a loop and place in the block like shown:

Place in your dubbing material on the single strand:

Place the other side of the loop on top of the materials like so (of course the dubbing should be laid on better):

Then just spin the loop. Lightly wax the floss/thread as this will help keep your dubbing noodle from unwinding when you take it off the block.

This is an easy solution that costs nothing to make.

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