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I need the plastic one's. Mostly because I'm selling a TON of these to gear guys. They're driftfishing the tubes and are making a killing on them. So floating is good, since they have a weight.

I have plenty of access to the brass and copper tubes. That is easy. But the two shops I picked up the tubing from don't carry the stuff I want. Was given a link. May try that. I just want long tubes that I can custom cut. Most of the ones you buy from fly shops (which I can buy wholesale) come in premade lengths. I did get a message about a link to a place. So gonna try them out. But I know most of the good hobby shops in south sound are disappearing.

Once I'm healed up, and get another spey rod (had to sell all three of mine off thanks to my injury) will be tying up a ton of tubes for them. I love fishing them on the spey rod.
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