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Well Eddie

What FT meant was not the materials, but the tyer's themselves. Alot of the hooks some of us who tie professionally are imported from Japan (do believe Daiichi are made their). These fly distributors buy up materials wholesale (like those of us who tie commercially) and export them to these shops whereever they may be. They have these people sit all day and pay them nothing to tie these flies. Then, like FT said (which I TOTALLY agree with it all) the shops here sell them at rates that a local tyer would sell them at. In fact, alot of times they are using inferior hooks and materials. So huge profit, crappy product. Also, you'd be surprised what the upmark on hooks is. I have most wholesale catalogs on hooks. I know Targus isn't the cheapest wholesale, and I'm not talking about Mustads being cheaper either. Higher end hooks.

I had only brought up fly tying because it's another thing that's being produced overseas (like fly rods and such). You get better deals, but not always better product. I've seen these "quality flies" tied overseas. Laughed. Made me feel 1000% better about my ties. But most fly shops don't want to pay prices for quality tyer's around the area. Most want to buy super cheap and sell super high.
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