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my $0.02 worth

I have nothing against the small rod builder who makes a quality product and sells direct to his customers. Production output and business economics pretty much dictate that method of doing business in order for him to offer his product at a price that makes it worth his effort.

For the larger companies that are trying to cut costs however, it would seem to me that with the internet capabilities we have today, why do the manufacturers not consider selling directly to the flyshops? Why do we need to go through distributors? Why should a flyshop have to carry the entire line in order to qualify as being worthy of representing Sage, T&T, Ross, Tibor, or ???

The original concept, as I was led to believe, was that the distributor could screen out the shops. The end result being the establishment of Fly Fishing "Pro" Shops. And it worked. At least for many years. Then why am I now seeing shops that are selling mountian climbing equipment, river rafting boats and equipment, hiking and skiing equipment, and back in the corner is the fly fishing section? With one guy in the store that will try and talk to you as if he knows as much about what he is tring to sell you as you do?

I had better quit before I step on too many toes and P.O. too many people.
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