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Some just don't understand

That prices really aren't up much compared to income.

I know my first rod/reels cost me almost 2-3 weeks pay to buy. That was 20 years ago. That was top notch gear back then. Now, I can buy a top notch rod/reel just at a weeks pay. Same job, same constant upswing on raises to hit cost of living. I know that my Dad is in about same boat. But his rod and reel he first bought back in the very early 50's cost almost 2 weeks pay. And, same thing, he could buy a top notch outfit well within his weeks pay nowadays. Well, until he just recently retired that is. I don't mind paying the money for the rods. But myself, I buy the top notch rods used and a fraction of the cost. I can see rob's point. Eventually, we will be a country of buyers, not producers. There is NO way we could compete with overseas production costs. I know I was offered by a friend to have a plant he owns produce flies for me. Would cost me about $4 a day to have a ton of flies to be produced (not including me providing the materials). $4 a day for labor cost per person is DAMNED cheap. I'm sure not many people here would sit down for $4 for a DAY to tie flies.
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