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No I am suggesting that the reason rod makers have the ability to produce such good rods in such quantities is because they can charge 500 bucks for them. If they sold for 1-2 hundred there would be no profit most makers would go out of business and what was left would not be the quality and quantity you are used to.

What do you do for a living Nevada caster??
are you worth what you get paid??? The market bears rods in the 5-800 dollar range. You certainly aren't required to pay that much there are plenty of less expensive rods on the market. I encourage people to pay for good stuff because it's worth it. 500 bucks is not excessive because peoples labor is worth something, peoples passion is worth something and peoples commitment to excellence is worth something all of which exsist in the high end rod market.. If you don't value thoes things there are plenty of cheap rods available.
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