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Sean - I hope you're ready for a real "noodle" blank with the PT! I have built a rod on their FT ("fast action" equates to moderate fast at best with other brands), as well as their progressive taper SLi; the point is, I find both of these blanks to be much slower than comparable action blanks as advertised. The PT is one I haven't built, however I'd be willing to bet that it's really slow.
Honestly, I'd have a look at some of the blanks by St. Croix or Loomis if I was going to build with components from Cabelas. If you haven't gotten their Tackle Craft catalog with all the blanks and rod-building materials they offer, call them up and request one. You'll find that your options really multiply.
Also, I'd suggest having a look at shops such as Custom Tackle, Hook and Hackle, and Shoff, all of which can be found on the web and all of which have some pretty good components at reasonable prices.
I know that a 2-weight requires a delicate touch and soft rod, but I think I'd see about actually casting with that PT before I built a rod with top of the line components on it. If it's the first rod you've built, think seriously about buying one of their complete kits with "standard" components for less money; build that one and fish it. Then you can decide if the blank warrants building another with the really slick seat, guides, etc. Just some thoughts... Good luck!
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