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Moonlight, you're right

I do believe it was Schwab that bought it out. I would love to own a nice steelhead bamboo rod by him, if the grandson is making them like granddad did. Heard NOTHING but high praises for them. In fact, have a friend who has one, BRAND NEW, never fished that his Grandfather had bought and he inherited it. I'm still trying to talk him out of it. But don't think it'll happen in the pricerange I would like. :hehe: But it's a beauty. If I didn't know any better, I'd say it's only a year old, not like 50 years old. It's that nice of shape.

Well, the only problem with a 30 day try it. Most won't ship it back. Especially when it comes to rods. Most "30 day" trials INCLUDES day it was shipped and ends 30 days from that point. Companies like to pull tricks that way. I know, I've had to deal with returns of the like (not rods, but other products) and heard all the bitching and complaining from customers who didn't realize it was that way. But some, just say "screw it" and keep the product. It's paid for, and they will try and pawn on someone else. Trust me on this. Much different when you have to rebox up, and then ship off, then taking back to a fly shop. Heck, I've even seen people who were NOT given credit, since they didn't pack the product up properly. Was damaged on delivery. And they were out the product AND refund. We weren't at fault because of faulty packaging (box was perfect, but product was left bouncing around inside). Most don't want to deal with that at all. So, time will tell. I personally know, most don't want to take something like this home unless they don't pay for it until they decide to keep it. Sucks having to wait for a credit back. I would never do it personally. I think it's working in the shipping industry for 15 years and seeing what happens ALL the time that has scourned me over this type of process.
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