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Fly Swap #1-Sign Up!

Ok... we need to start.... it looks like the first swap will be the "go to fly" or the "most successful fly of the season"... looking back on this spring, summer and fall...Yes!..That's right...all participants will need to cough up the truth secrets kept to yourselves . Please SIGN UP HERE! Omce we have the sign up I will refresh everyone on the rules..but it will be the same... 6 flies maximum... unlimited participants... deadline :January 1. You guys should be able to do 6 flies by then... I want to be able to send out the flies to everyone..hopefully BY Jan 1... Swap 2 will be Jan 2004 to March 1, and swap 3 from March 1 to April 30, 2004. TWO month intervals....We can decide on which flies for the next swaps later..But the Albie/FA fly is good and thena after- ????.... April 30 and after---fishing. Is everyone clear.... Let's sign up!
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