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Single handed Sink tips

Well I got a new 10 Ft 8 wt Scott and I am trying to figure out what line to put on it. I will fish a full floater on it in the summer especially on the Umpqua (which is mainly why I got it) and I like the TT or Mastery Steelhead taper or even the single handed windcutter. But I also got it to have a single handed winter rod for smaller river where the spey rod is too much. I am trying to figure out what line to put on it for tip system. I have 8 wt tips from my spey habit or is it an addiction. I don't have a ton of experience with recipe for single handed tip systems so does anyone have a good one out there. What line they like for a single handed tips I was thinking either the Mastery Steelhead taper, with the 65' belly, cut back about 15-16 feet or The Triangle Taper, with the 50 foot belly, but have no idea how for to cut it back. Any other options I may over looked or good recipes.



PS: Any one out there had experience with the Redington Reels. For the price they look nice. How is the drag?
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