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My Go To Fly

This is my go to fly for Steelhead and Salmon. I came up with this fly in the early 80s while spending a summer on the Deschutes. The spin fisherman were catching fish that I wasnt so I wanted a fly that would wake those sukling fish up. That year I lost track of the Steelhead I caught on it. Somewhere over 70.I have fished it all over the PNW in the last 20 odd years. Tie one on I think you will like it.
I appologize for the quality of the picture.I tried it with my digital and I am a newby with a digital camera.

Tail gold and silver flashabou
Butt red floss
body silver flashabou over wraped with gold tinsel. Coat the flashabou with clear nail polish for durability.
Hackle, Purple long webby
Wing orange calf tail with red calf tail on top.

If you need any more info just dorp me an email.
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