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I've been using a Halogen that has a table top base for the past 10 years. Unfortunately, the plastic lens on mine has yellowed from lots of use due to the ultraviolet light emitted by the halogen bulb and I cannot find a replacement for it because this particular lamp is no longer made. It is not the type of halogen that emits a small pin-point light. Rather, it has a larger reflector and disperses the light over a larger area because it was designed for the fabric and crafting folks. It is also much cooler than the architecs lights with 100 watt bulbs I used to use, an important consideration if you are going to spend 4 or more hours tying at a time.

I never use a magnifier, they simply get in my way and are nothing more than a nuisance when tying several dozen flies at a sitting, including when tying #20 and smaller.

I like the OTT swing arm lamp and am seriously considering it despite its $130.00 price tag. It has a nice large light pattern, has an adjustable goose neck, stays out of your way when tying, and is much cooler than an incandescent lamp, which is important to me when I sit for hours to tie several dozen flies. I've seen the cheap lamp that COSTCO is selling and I'm not impressed because it is way too small. I also do not like the small so-called desk lights made by OTT because they are also too small and do not emit enough light for good tying.
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