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Hey guys, thanks for the input. Juro, I appreciate the offer of the two handed rod but I am still a little bit confused about the new 10 wt I am going to get set up with, trying to figure out the casting and lines needed for the two handed rod may put me on overload, Ive never even seen a two handed fly rod, remember I live a sheltered life around yellowstone park. Its a thought.
Jww-- I am going to be staying on the island of caye caulker off the coast about 6 miles right next to the reef. From there I will be shooting out to all the differant cayes in the area and also am looking really forward to tarpon fishing at night. I still do some night fishing for big browns up here where I live, but is is mostly throwing big nymphs and streams in the shallows, so I am kind of use to it. I here they have salt water crocks that cruise the shore areas at night looking for dogs and such, I wont be doing any wading at night for sure.
Ill keep you guys posted.
talk at you later
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