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Updating my Streamer Pages Site.

er promising it many times, I'm finally getting off my fat ass and creating a new streamer page entitled;

The NEW Streamer Page + Wets

This page will be more technically oriented than the old. I'll be dropping the trips section and making significant additions to technique, tackle, and flies. I'm also adding a Wet flies section as the dividing line between wets and streamers isn't that great and I employ them with equal frequency.

The old page had more of a trout orientation but the new one will also feature:

Bass, Pike, Musky, Stripers, and maybe Panfish.

The tying section will only cover flies of my own design that have actually been proved to work (minis, weamers, etc.). Unlike the old one, the tying section will be more detailed. I received the odd complaint that the old instructions were too sparse. I'm also going to continue the experimental aspect, including things like my lead foil, bent flies that mimic spoons when stripped or swung, or dead minnows when drifted.

In the technique section, I'll be examining both proven and experimental techniques. I'm going to have a close look at the methods of our hardware brothers and sisters to see what can be learned/adapted.

I'll also be taking a good look at different materials and concepts, such as Sandy P's soft-bodied flies and my weamers.

I'm of two minds regarding a gallery -- depends on what people want.

My links section is intended to connect only to those sites that, in terms of subject matter, complement mine. Ditto the books review section.

Having said all of this, I'm prepared to adjust pretty well anything if someone comes up with a better idea.
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