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With the closure of the North Cascases Hwy, Pateros is a loooonnngg drive to hear what WSFW is saying about the Upper Columbia fishery. I would be very nice if they had a public meeting in the Seattle area, or at least in Wenatchee or Leavenworth so that more of the folks who actually fish the Upper Columbia steelhead (expecially those of us who like and love the Wenatchee) to provide some input. It seems that WDFW has chosen to have the meeting (on a Friday evening no less) in Pateros for the express purpose of limiting the number of people who want to provide input to WDFW on the Upper Columbia steelhead fishery.

I'm sorry for being so cynical; but this "public meeting" is not so public after all since its location will severely limit the ability of people to attend since Pateros is at least 5 hours from Seattle. It smacks of WDFW being able to say that they had a public hearing; but that few people bothered to show up. Thus being able to say that there was not enough interest in having the Wenatchee opened to steelhead.
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