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Old 10-30-2003, 07:08 AM
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Is this the same recall from a year ago? If so, it only applys to the "Milleniun" model with the pressure activated (as opposed to the disolving pill) "Hammar" auto inflate.
I think that a PFD that's left in the truck is useless. If people are more likely to wear one of these (than nothing), then they are a good thing. I wear one when I am sailing and sometimes on my boat (18').
For white water, sea kayaking or sailing in a dinghy, a real PFD is manditory.
Reminds me of all the people I see riding their bikes with a helmet clipped to the bars. or the fantasy felons riding their two wheeled chrome tractors wearing those non-DOT helmets/beanies. Duh, why bother? Tell Darwin I said "hi". :hehe:
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