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My 13 ft GLX has TiCH single foot guides on it, it is the only rod I have that has them. I like the guides a lot; however, the rest of my rods have chromed snake guides and I have not noticed any real world difference in shootability between my GLX wit the TiCH guides and my other rods with the chrome snakes.

That said, if I were building a rod from a top quality blank, I would use the TiCH guides and make sure they were slighly oversized for the line weight rod I was building for best shootability. The TiCH guides look nicer to me on a rod because of the darker coloration compared to chrome, and I know that they are a lot harder, which should make them nearly groove proof.

The only complaint I have about the TiCH guides on my 13 ft GLX is they are one size too small for best casting with the long-belly spey lines, which causes the line to be held too tightly against the rod blank when trying to shoot some of the belly. This is a common problem on factory 2-handers and is found in single-handers too unless they are sold as saltwater rods.

The Titanium Oxide guides are also harder than the chrome guides while being lower cost than the TiCH. They are a very pretty dark gold (what I would call old gold) in color.
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