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I've used both Abel 5 and Pate Bluefin and would prefer the Bluefin for billfishing and large tuna- not sure why, they are both fine reels. Maybe it's the no clicker on the Abel. Line recovery speed on the huge Bluefin is impressive, but with all that backing, it does become kind of heavy and hard to cast.

I'm not sure if you've looked at the Penn 4 A/R, but it's a very underrated reel. Ther HT100 will stand up to the best cork, and it's built tough. Only drawback is that spools are a bit hard to change, but that's an issue with the pates as well.

My next offshore reel will be a Hayden because of the lever drag feature they offer. I find it really irritating one has to either back off the drag fully to strip line, or practice outboard starts. The lever drag lets one keep a carefully preset drag while stripping line without effort.

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