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Preferred reel seat color?

Hi All,
I'm still planning the rod project for the Winter, and am looking at reel seats; particularly at Struble and REC. This rod is primarily for use on rivers and streams for trout.

The question I have is whether you think a nickle-silver reel seat stands a much greater chance of spooking fish if it glints in the sunlight than would a darker, dull finish such as black or titanium-anodized. Obviously, if you're not in the trout's field of vision, there should be reduced chance for a flash from the reel seat to put the fish down, but I still have the underlying concern that it could potentially decrease chances of catching fish in a clear body of water in which the fish are a bit more wary. All of the previous rods I've built have used black or titanium finish components, but I was interested in a change for this one, the 11' 6-wt. XP. Any thoughts would be appreciated...
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