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A New Season

Preston and I spent a few hours on the salt today fishing for searun cutthroat. The weather was glorious with a light breeze coming from the north it was a beautiful fall day. The fishing, however, was slow even for the people near the bridge tossing gear at what few chums and dark coho that were still milling about. A few cuts cleared the water every so often around us but none came to our flies.

While Preston returned to the parking lot to attend to his locked-key-in-the car, I had some action (with no witnesses, once again). First, a salmon, possibly a coho, happy-jumped near me and on the next cast turned on my popper. He gave it a half-hearted boil, chomped down on the popper and immediately let it go after putting some serious teeth marks into the foam head. Later on down the beach, I hooked my first fall searun in the salt this year. It was an absolutely gorgeous buck of 15 or more inches and was perfectly proportioned. When it jumped in the sunlight, it's fins glowed like a Madison River brown and while he rested in my hand and caught his breath, I complimented him on being so handsome.

I wished Preston was there with his camera this fish was way too pretty not to share. It's a beautiful beginning to new season.

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