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You are far too kind with your literary description of our morning on the water and of my "fishing abilities". It was truly a pleasure to finally get together with you after several years of trying to plan something. You are a joy to fish with and I really enjoyed the time on the water with you. I was very impressed with the Spey Rods you are touting, and they are definitely something I am going to have to investigate further. Man can you throw some line with those bazookas deguised as flyrods. :eyecrazy: I was a bit disappointed that we did not find more bass during the morning long blitzes but the large bluefish were a good fill in for the MIA bass. The pictures you took really came out beautiful, I especially like the one of the back of the boat on plane.......sweeeeeeet! Hopefully next time we will be able to do a more "Hardcore" like fishing session where we spend 12+ hours chasing fish. I managed to get back out after I dropped you off and headed west in the ever freshening SSW winds. Went as far as the Thames River with nary a sighting of fish. Found plenty of peanuts but no predators. I came back east and hit Watch Hill again, found small schools lazily feeding in the washing along the beach but was not able to effectively fish them as I did not want to encroach on the surf casters. I putted over to the rocks at the point and found marauding bands of schoolies herding peanuts up into the rocks. Managed a few on the fly but the wind made it almost impossible to fish close to the rocks safely. I resorted to the conventional tackle for safety sake and landed about a dozen fat fall schoolies on Wild Eye rubber shad jigs. The wind was not waning at all and I was pretty cold and tired so I called it a day and headed back to the ramp. Took me an hour to get the boat on the trailer, due to a serious lack of water at the ramp. Had to wait quite awhile for the boats in front of me and then it took me an unusually long time to get my boat on the trailer. First time I have ever had to winch it all the way onto the trailer, I usually just drive it on. After an excruciatingly long bout of cranking it was finally on the trailer and I pulled out. After driving out I looked at the boat and it was not centered on the trailer, I thought about backing down and trying to get it straight but decided I liked the idea of getting home before midnight so I left as is and lashed it down crooked. Great day on the water with great company, bad ending but that's fishing in the fall. Had a blast Juro and I hope we can do it again sometime in the near future. I have some very large bass with your initials on them and they tell me that they want very much to try and break your Spey Rods :hehe: .

Mike Mayo
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