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I think the majority of folks (myself included) are not comfortable enough with the limited stability of a mono-hull yak. Dump you will.
The Kiwi Stealth twin-hull that I test paddled rescently was more than stable enough to pole but an absolute super tanker and sail...way too much mass to challenge distance and wind. I think it's much better suited to be outfitted with a trolling motor and large battery then to be paddle powered. Call me a traditionalist!

The majority of my yak experience is in the NorthEast...I tend to use it as a means to an get me to where I want to fish...
The wind is almost always a consideration and dumping is also paramont...anything not tied down is at risk and I prefer not to get wet much above the knees and on my own accord.
As the calm flat morning progresses (as it usually does), the wind typically picks up and the task of polling (much less paddling) will become complicated and frustrating. When I start encountering cruising stripes, I get out in the shallows (easy with the wide mouth Pungo) and trail the yak on a line securely clipped around my waist (sometimes short/sometimes long, depending...). Fishing as I walk until it's time to move on...LifeIsGood!
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