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Fun with Chemicals

No not what you think!

Here's a way to reinforce and stiffen braided nylon loops. After doing the splice thing to make the loop, drop a blob of Performix VIP vinyl/leather repair glue on a piece of paper and roll the loop in it to coat it with a layer of vinyl. It's available at any hardware store and is pretty cheap.

I'll admit this treatment method has not stood the test of time for me but already since I've tried it the results are promising and definitely better than not treating it.

This is like an easy aquaseal, obviously not as ballistic as it but damn good for the purpose listed above.

Nice way to seal up those nail knots once attached to the flyline as well.

I am going to use this stuff to coat a strip of bright backing that is pulled over a one-color flyline to tell me where I need to strip to load the rod properly (visual aid for spey and flats rapidfire).

Will post more results in this track once I have some hours logged on it.

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