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All of the above but I can relate to Mikez's observation on surface presentation.

A couple of years back we were in Buzzards Bay and the stripers had the bait trapped up against the Mass Maritime ships hull - total pandemonium - screaming gulls, screeming anglers you name it.

The boat was setup where I had prime position (for a chnage ;D)and was able to put the fly just about anywhere I wanted. My partner was hampered by wind on the "wrong" side of the boat so all he could do was "stroke" his deciever pattern on the surface a rod's length out.

The results:

2 for him to every one I hooked with mine averaging in the low 20s - his averaging 30+ inches - all from the same school. He finished up with about two dozen, I finished up with a dozen and a generous helping of egg.
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