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I agree. About the only time I have a problem with guides, whether trout, salmon, or saltwater is when they insist on treating their clients as raw beginners even though at least some of us are not. I had that experience again this summer with an Atlantic salmon guide. I mean the guy really meant well, but it just got to be too much. As much as Florida guides get ripped (epecially Keys guides) for being screamers, most of the one's I've fished with (in fact, all but one) were total gentlemen. I had a Homassasa guide recommend using his tackle to me since he was not familiar with the model of reel I had. He semed to be saying that if he never heard of it then it probably wouldn't work on the big tarpon there. But, it took only a little while to explain that the reel was more than up to the task and to his credit he listened and didn't push it any farther. The only arrogant guide I've had in Florida is better known for his writings on trout and other freshwater fish, and even he wasn't too bad.
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