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Sure, I take big fish on small flies all summer long

When the bait is small, or when the fish are in that feeding groove it's not the size of the fly that takes big fish eating them in fact small flies can be better as you obviously know.

But the fishery and the behavior of the fish is not one-dimensional and we as flyfishers have no problem in the small fly department. The problem lies in the situations presented by spring herring runs up and down the coast, mackeral busting submarines in the Piscataqua, black eel feeding surf monsters on Nauset, and the ones I saw pushing the 14" pogies around last weekend in Stage Inlet. Believe me the small fly guys were scratching for the occasional schoolie or 4 pound blue while the wooden plug anglers, live-liners and eel slingers were culling for 40" fish, which were plentiful (as far as fish of this size can be called that).

My intent is not to argue here, but I do want to make the point that there are some days when big fish on a small fly is the ticket, other days it's a total fluke. Those are the days of which I speak.

I am definitely tuned into small fly fishing particularly on the flats where I spend my whole summer. I have hit 46" on a sand eel thus far and lost some that might have topped that on flies that could just as easily catch a micro. But the fish were eating that way at the time.

The easiest situation by far is when the juvies or tinkers are in town, where the bait brings big fish to eat individuals and the medium-sized flies match the bait perfectly. Gannets are usually around in that situation, and they are around on the beaches right now.

I am not implying that a flyfisher *always* needs to be able to fish big flies to catch big fish. I am however insisting that there are just as many times where he/she must just to be in the game for the cows. There are 40 pounders cruising the coast at certain times of the year. The small fly guys are really not in that game for the most part, and I speak from what I have gathered from my own experiences.

Well, I am just going to have to prove that out somehow
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