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Tieing Height

Years ago I built a bench that was just the right height to work at standing up. I did this on purpose. I find that when my back is really bothering me which seems to be more often these days that I get some relief standing at the bench. I also have a drafting chair that has a telescoping height adjustment which is OK most of the time. Another suggestion is a lap tray, like the cafeteria trays. I put my pedestal vice and just the materials and tools I need to tie a couple of dozen of the particular pattern Iím working on on the tray and then sit in the Lazy Boy, or a camp chair. And yet another suggestion. I find that if I have to reach very far over my working surface itís a strain on my back so I put my vice head about four inches back from the edge of the table and clamp it down with a C clamp so it wont move.
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