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Two points. Are you using an older batch of hooks? These days, my Gamakatsu and Daiichi hooks are far sharper out of the box than anything I can apply. Eventually, the points will get dull and I have to sharpen them again, but I haven't had to sharpen a hook before tying in quite some time unless I use some old Partridge salmon hooks that have been around for awhile. Secondly, bent hooks have generally indicated to me a hook that didn't completely penetrate. If you can get the hook up to the bend in a fish's mouth, it is almost impossible for that fish to open the hook up, even on relatively light wire. Granted, on fish like tarpon that much penetration is certainly the exception, but it is possible to get adequate penetration on many other species. I've tried opening up hooks and found it is way easier if you're pulling from the point/barb area than if you're pulling from deep into the bend. One last observation. Many of the more recent thin wire hooks are far stronger than what was around just a few years ago. The hook companies have truly given us significantly better hooks the last five years or so. They are well worth the substantial additional cost.
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