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Huge flies for huge fish

I realize this is a relatively new area for most flyfishing venues in the northeast but has anyone had experience with very large flies for use in pursuit of the top end of the age classes in stripers? I am trying to stock up with the most tempting morsels, or should I say missles to entice the biggest of the bad during the migration. I think this is going to last well into November with lots of fish still up on the North Shore.

It's common knowledge that foot-long eel slingers and liveliners using adult pogies have a much higher ratio of big fish per hookup and I am on a mission to change those odds to include the long rodder with the Atlantis rods. I realize that the ratio of overall hookups lowers, as it does with eel slingers and liveliners, but the percentages of legal fish is probably in the 90 plus percent range.

Don't get me wrong I enjoy the spunky little schoolies as much as the next guy but there are definitely times when I would rather just put my time in for a high stakes payoff. Migration is one of those times, spring or fall.

I figure what the heck, I can cast them now

I am working on a bigger version of the tube calimari and trying to maximize the bunker pattern to it's limits currently. If you want a real laugh check out my black boa eel pattern, an original :hehe: I will post a pic.
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