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Godzilla meets WildernessSysytem...Supersized...

I paddled a Kiwi Stealth (twin pontoons) and it confirmed my suspicions...the more mass/the more weight/the more sluggish!
I was able to stand and cast but the effort required to get the beast moving/keep it moving and the inability to maneuver greatly outweighed the benefits of added stability. A honkin' monster!
I'm comparing the dual hull experience with Pungo/Mantio/Sitka/& sitontops.
There are several dealers/sponsors near the Cape that have Spring paddle days...that's your best bet to get some handz on and suggestions from folks who can point you in the right direction.
The TriBalance may be a good compromise...sure the pontoons add drag but they are a reasonable trade off for stability and could be a good place to start building your preferences...
Tandom mono-hull models will give you the floatation but, then again, more mass and more energy required to get it going/keep it going. Stable...sure.
You NEED to test paddle BEFORE you take the deep blue plunge...

And...DON'T SKIMP ON THE PADDLE!!! It will be your friend or foe!

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