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Sean, can't speak to the xp 610 but!!

I've got the 710 xp and it's my single hander of choice! Two of the best fly guys on the upper Rogue use the 8 wt and they 'clean up.'

One hooks close to 200 fish per year (no kidding!) the other well over 100 using a two-three heavy fly set up running deep, dark and dirty on the 8 wt version of this rod.

I'm not even a shaddow of a candle to 'fish-head on the board' or his fishing partner 'Bob.'

Back to the topic. For fishing 'close,' dry line or a 7 wt (one up) sink tip) this is a wonderful rod in hand. Given my right hand is a $33,000 re-done HMO 'job,' it take a heck of a rod not to 'stress out' what's already 'busted.' 8 wt, and an hour and I'm grinding my choppers in .. well, it isn't pleasent.

Single hander of choice. Sage 'done it right' with this design.
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