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Yeah, this is the look the hackle should have.

Webby grizzly makes a very nice and effective spey hackle; however, you must use the largest feathers from a rooster neck or number 2 saddle to get the right fiber length.

Keep working on the spey wing, you almost have it. A tip for tying in bronze mallard is make sure you tie it in at the grey roots of the feather because the grey roots hold the feather in shape.

Another tip for bronze mallard: cut a section out of both a right and left feather that are wider than normal for the wing, place the section one on top of the other, then tie them in making sure that the wing completely covers the top portion of the hook's eye. This method is far easier to tie, is faster, and produces a very good wing profile. It is also the method that Hale has listed in his book for tying in bronze mallard.
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