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link to the article in the paper


The guy who wrote the article has an e-mail address, and he hasnt had much more to say about it. (
You can follow the links and see if you can get the atricle. Mostly though the atrical is not about the fish which is too bad. I suspect there is more to it that is being said. My guess is a high BOD organic soup with a cerfactant which whould not only help disolve the waste but also dispurse it. It was enough to knock out the trickling filter at the treatment plant which is up stream of the ponds. A plant operators worst nightmare.

About a discharge permit, I dont know, but Im certainly going to find out.

I went down there on thursday night last week to check it out. I saw two fish, one was belly up on the bottom and the other was swimming on its side in shallow water. I walked around the biggest pond and where once I would have seen hundreds of fish there were only these two. Im mad as hell because this was the place where I could fish all winter long during even the coldest weather and catch fish up to 15 lb, on a 6 wt rod on a dry fly.

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