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RE:Favorite Gamefish: A Window To Your Soul

If I can have only one fish to hunt. I would choose the steelhead.

I fish for steelhead because of where it takes me………..

Standing in the chilly water of the glacier fed river. I look east and see the snow capped mountains where the glaciers live. It begins to snow. Snowing so hard I can’t see the other side of the river. A strange whooshing sound comes nearer and nearer. An eagle with a 6 foot wing span straining against the hard falling snow flies within 50 feet of me. A solitary snow goose follows behind. I watch as two large and chrome bright steelhead roll just yards away. Holding my breath I wait for the take but, nothing tugs on my line. The snow stops and the clouds are beginning to part revealing the tree lined bank of the far side. The winter sun is bright and shines directly onto the river. The river now displays its deep emerald green color. The gray of the day washing away in rays of gold. I know the fishing is over for the day. The steelhead will move into deeper water seeking better cover. I head for home in my old pickup marveling at the beauty of the valley glistening with a dusting of fresh snow. I have no fish for the day but I take with me the beauty and peace of the river valley and mountains. I will be back and I will have a steelhead tugging on my line. On this day it didn’t matter.

A day not to long ago on the Skagit River.
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