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Fish Kill on my Favorite Pond

From Utah we must travel for our steelhead or salmon, and the trout arent nearly that big so with fly rod in hand I drive to my favorite Carp pond for the next best thing. Except this week a local food supliment maker has killed all or nearly all the fish in the whole system of ponds. Utah is known for cheep labor and lax environmetal enforcement which is why industry is so popular here. I wrote the following in responce to the article in the paper.

I read with great concern your recent article on the fish kill in Springville. Those ponds particularly the pond at Flowserv have provided many hours of enjoyment for my friends and I. We fly fish for Carp which is the best kept secret in town. This was one of the best places to fly fish for Carp that I have found, primarily because its an urban pond and people feed the ducks with bread. We even developed a new fly called the pop corn fly which we used to catch and release hundreds of large fish over the past three or four years. Sport Carp fishing is growing in popularity and ponds like these have been wonderful places to spend fishing on a summer afternoon.

I am civil engineer with a background in aquatic chemistry, waste water treatment, and I also take an interest in aquatic eco systems. I would think that because carp which are an extremely hardy fish that can live in fairly low oxygen concentrations have been killed, that many of the aquatic invertebrates upon which other fish including carp feed would have been wiped out also. Not a good thing for a pond or a stream. I also have the concern that what ever was spilled must have been either in a large volume, very toxic or have an extremely high biological or chemical oxygen demand, or all of the above. "light organic based vegetable wash" sounds a little innocuous. But then sometimes that all it takes to cause a killing oxygen sag.
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