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Hey yall, another new guy.
My year was one of the best in a long time. Great for numbers and big fish. I fish the New river for smallies right now. Working on my goal for 20 fish at 20" or better for the year, I'm up to 17 so far and still have a couple months left. I may make 25 as the late fall and winter is some of the best times for big bites!
Got some nice muskies, to 25lbs and saw some huge ones while diving in the river to observe the smallmouth. I swear I saw one that was pushing 60. Our state record muskie and smallmouth come from the New weighing in at 45lbs and 8lbs 1oz respectively. There are alot bigger smallies in the river, I've hooked them and seen them. They are smart fish that demand a totally different approach than what little fish dictate.
I have a passion for big fish with a history in guiding in NC for big tarpon and drum. I fished bass tourneys for awhile and have a 13lb moster for my biggest green bass.
I'm headed down to NC to chase False Albecore with 8/9wts to make my year even better!! Looking forward to that agian. Been hitting them for several years now and love their speed.
Here's to a great winter season!!!!
Fishing the New river watershed as it winds it's way north through the Blue Ridge and Appalacian mountains in southwest Virginia; some of the best smallmouth waters in the country...
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