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RE:Favorite Gamefish: A Window To Your Soul

As I am short on time, my post will be a quick summary of how I actually feel.

I started fishing for steelhead because from what I had heard they were the everything fish. Quickly I lost the trout bug. It has been over a year, atleast, since I have inflated my tube and been out to a lake.

As I began educating myself about fishing for steelhead with the bug rod, I began to realize that fish were second to the culture. I read the famed works over and over again and did my best to tie those famous patterns. I began to idiolize the innovators, the authors and all those well known personalities.
The day I met Alec Jackson for the first was nothing short of amazing and the same goes for so many others.
My fist steelhead I ever caught was on the bug rod and that day was amazing also but nothing compares to sitting down and having casual conversations with people that are so famous.
I fish for steelhead to catch fish, duh!! But those fishless days just dont seem as fishless when you have the steelhead cutlture to particapate in.
Ryan S. Petzold
aka Sparkey and/or Special
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