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Thumbs up It is crucial....


To Lipripper, no hard feelings just making a point. Some of the guys in the industry have been doing this, most guide for it and many excel at it. Also, three of them have competed in the world casting chamionship and I know they are FFF is not like they are dummies. I am trying to get the article published, it still is being written and I am getting all my best pics in it.

MJYP, my buddy Russ fishes for browns in the surf more than steelhead. He did very well last year, this year wasn't too good. Action should be picking up soon. I don't throw anything but flies though.

To Peter S-C, it is a hoot....I live for it. If you can find the fish at the proper time, it is well worth the effort. It depends on everything you mentioned. Usually I know now when is best to go and where, and what to target specifically
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