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advice on rod & line

Hi all
For you time tested experts I need some advice. I just got into bonefishing and barracuda's with a medium action 8 wt. I want to try for tarpon and permit in belize this winter and was thinking of getting the new 10wt xi2 which replaces the rplxi,or the xp10. Is a ten wt the rod for me or should I go heavier. I am not going for monster tarpon,10-50 lbers are what I am going for but you never no what takes the fly. Will a 10 wt. throw those big tarpon flies. Does a 10wt work for jacks and the other assorted creatures of the flats.
Also when I cast my 8wt with the long bellied 8wt bonefish taper there is just no sweet spot in the line for shooting. I dont know if it is the med rod or the long belly in the line.I do like wt forwards for shooting. Is this problem why some guys recommend going with one wt heavier line for saltwater lines. When I get my new rod I dont want it to have the same dead casting feeling as my 8 wt has. No matter how I try casting that 8wt I cant get it to cast more than 75 ft, and that is when I do it right. I know I dont really need to cast that far most of the time, but I practice long range which makes short range a breeze. any help is much appreciated.
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