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I have done quite a little research on the process and what it takes to be certified, I agree that it is a long and grueling process. I am interested in becomming certified in hopes of some day teaching lessons. I am active in a lot of recreational areas and do various programming for my area, and would like to get more people involved. But the real root of the issue is my burning desire to be a better caster so I can reach those fish that always seem to be 5 feet further then my fly.:hehe: I am a case manager for a middle school here in Des Moines (grew up in the Anamosa, Maquokata area) and have access to the gym in the mornings to work on my casting. The only downfall is regular maintance of line since the floor is so dirty. I quess I'll just have to do the best with what I can. Thanks for the advise - keep it comming!
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