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Two weeks ago while out fishing I stopped for a snack at a little shop, they had a notice posted and the proprietor of the shop was mentioning to EVERYONE who came through the door, see the ammendment to the fishing Reg???? No leader shall be more than 3ft long (I believe it was 3 feet) it was directed at drift fishermen.

I thought it was a good step towards conservation, but I'll admit that I am a cheap SOB when it comes to loosing flies. By law I'm supposed to break off any fish I haven't hooked in the mouth but as the day wears on and my fly box becomes more and more empty it's hard to keep breaking them off. I've tried limiting my leader to less than 3 feet, but it doesn't make any difference that I've noticed, the fish still get hung up.... lets face it, between the Pinks and the Chum, it's hard to get your fly to the fish you want to catch...

Anyway, I'd like to see more done for conservation, and I'd like to learn to tie my flies alot quicker so I don't get screwy about loosing them.

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