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Going to be moving some gear

I'm going to be getting rid of some gear:

Sage 9' 12 wt RPLXI 3 piece
Scott 8'9" heliply 9 wt 3 piece
Scott Heliply 8'9" 14wt :eyecrazy:
Redington DFR 9' 10 wt 3 piece. A real gun. Put on a 12 wt if all you are doing is 30 to 40 foot casts around the boat.

Abel 4.5 N
Billy pate tarpon. Specially ordered by me with a solid spool instead of a ported spool. I just love that old Seamaster look!
Orvis Vortex 7/8 with spare spool. Very flexible reel. I used it as a nine or ten frequently with gelspun backing.

All bluewater proven. The 14 wt was a backup and was literally never used. The 9 and 10 saw use and are nice but not cherry. The twelve weight is very nice indeed!

Let me know if you are interested
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