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Got the opportunity to listen to Dave (wish I could remember his last name) a fisheries biologist working for Seattle City Light the other day while camping on the Ronde. He talked about cycles. Interesting topic. He said there is a bit of controversy regarding cycles but believe there are such things and they can be 10 year, 20 year, and even 30 year cycles all working at the same time. Very complicated and I will leave any specifics to the biologists.

Another thing I came away with from our conversation was a very good feeling about the future of fish in the northwest. With people like Dave working for outfits like Seattle City Light I see the trend in river management changing for the best. Very concerned people with lots of enthusiasm for their jobs. They seem to have new direction of managing our rivers with the fish as a major concern.

Thanks Dave for taking the time to educate a few old anglers.
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